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John Mazza Menhart

John Mazza Menhart and Athletic Prowess


John Mazza MenhartJohn Mazza Menhart has always been an athletic individual who has focused his time cultivating the diligence and self-discipline needed to excel in the athletic realm. He enjoys sports of all types, from the focused solitary activity of running to the expansive but tightly coordinated role required of lacrosse players. He also engages in such leisurely sports as golfing and fishing.



John Mazza Menhart was a varsity football player at his high school alma mater, Upper Arlington High School, where he received a letter for his athletic accomplishment. He played offense as a wide receiver and helped his team achieve victory by catching many a deep pass. His football team went to the state playoffs in 2003, where he gave his all with his teammates.


John Mazza Menhart also played lacrosse on the high school level. He played midfield, a position that requires a great deal of agility and the ability to both take offensive charge and support your teammates on the field. In 2003, his high school lacrosse team came in runner-up at the state championships, and in 2004 his team won the state championships.


John Mazza Menhart then went on to play lacrosse for West Virginia Universiy, where he excelled both in his studies and in his athletic pursuits. He took special pains to stay fit while focusing on his academics, and he enjoyed a fine social life in addition to meeting these two goals.


John Mazza Menhart is, in certain ways, the typical jock: he enjoys nothing more than coming together with other people and working toward a common goal as each strive individually to be the best they can be. Physical fitness, mental clarity, and a quick reflex are all necessary for people who want to do well.


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